Thanks for your interest in what we do at Charlottesville Remodeling Company. We’re happy to answer all of your questions! Check out these FAQs, and if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us HERE.

We primarily renovate kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom suites, and basement finishing among other larger home renovations.
We also remodel full homes(multiple rooms), sunroom/morning rooms and other additions.
We remodel/renovate outdoor living spaces including decks, porches, pools and outdoor hardscape gathering areas.

“Handyman” or minor repairs, small renovation projects, or general home maintenance. 

While the actual cost of each remodel/renovation project is heavily dependent upon the size of the space along with final specifications and finishes selected by each of our customers, pricing for some recent projects range as follows:

    • Kitchens – from $275k to $100k
    • Master Bathroom – from $125k to$75k
    • Bathrooms – from $100k to $50k
    • Basement Finishing – from $200k to$65k
    • Decks/Screen Porches – from $125k to$65k
    • Sunrooms/Morning Rooms – from $250k to $125k
  • Differences in renovation/remodel costs are typically driven by the selection of finishing materials.  This includes everything from appliances to countertops to flooring.  There can be dramatic swings in these prices such that a standard stainless steel kitchen appliance package could be installed for under $15k while a luxury package can often quickly exceed $75k.  
  • Additionally there can be 1000s of choices to be made for faucets, chandeliers, tile, etc.  We will assist our customers in narrowing the selection options while listening to their budget requirements
  • Although we are not a “design-build” firm we have relationships with a number of design professionals to help our customers achieve their renovation and remodeling dreams.
  • We typically recommend customers engage an architect or draftsperson when alterations are being made which either add total square footage onto your home or represent a significant change to the existing footprint of your home.
  • We require a state certified engineer to work in conjunction with the architect and also require their expertise when minor structural changes are required necessitating a building permit.
  • We do not require our customers to work with a designer but strongly recommend you find a good partner particularly for those who are “decision-challenged”.  Using a designer early in the design process helps determine how you will live in the space – furniture placement, color schemes, fixture selection, etc.
  • A permit is typically required when alterations are made to a HVAC, electrical, or plumbing system or when a structural element is modified, altered or added to your home.  
  • We most often see ARB or HOA approval requirements when a change is made to the exterior of the home.  We always strongly recommend you contact your HOA/ARB prior to completing any work – interior or exterior.
  • The time to complete a remodel project varies drastically based upon the size of the project.  Our average project takes between 2-3 months but can be as quick as a couple of weeks or as long as a year.